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Established in 2003, Biocompounds Pharmaceutical Inc. is a high-technology enterprise which combines research, production and sales of agriculture product and API. It is a production and R&D enterprise, which is holding by Zhejiang Jian Feng Group Co.,Ltd(SSE:600668), of pharmaceutical raw materials and special chemicals. Additionally, it is a High-tech enterprise, academicians' expert workstations, small scientific and technological giant cultivation enterprises and patent pilot enterprises that owns 13 invention patents, and will continue to grow with the development of pharmaceutical industry......
Small molecular targeted products
Take the market as the leading, take the technology as the power by and take the high level factory as the base, BPI aims to build and use our own advantage to integrate marketing, sales, technology, variety, suppliers and drug company resources to establish the small molecular targeted drugs development platform. We aspire to provide the best service for our customer. ...
Occupied 1200 M2 : including laboratory, kg-scale platform, analysis and test center;
Facilities: 5 mL~100L glass and stainless steel reactor;
Temperature: -80℃ ~ 300℃;
Medicine:Erlotinib Hydrochloride,Dasatinib,Gefitinib,Sunitinib Malate,Sorafenib…
2021 API China

2021年86届中国广州国际医药辅料药/医药原料药/中间体/包装/设备交易会暨中国国际医药(工业)展(API CHINA) 



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Cooperation opportunities

Knowledge of product:If you are interested in our products, our business personnel are always online.

Technical cooperation:If you have a mature production technology, we can provide stable processing base, production groups and marketing team, welcome your joining.

Factory cooperation:After many years accumulation, there are a number of markets and mature products being ready. If you have any surplus production capacity, we can provide the technology of mature product in reverse.

Recruiting:We are in the golden period of rapid development, welcome elites to join us.

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