Biocompounds’ Updated Version of Official Site is Launching, Feedbacks and Suggestions are Welcomed!

TIME: 2016-06-22 08:06:25 source: Times

Dear my friends,
2014 is the year of institutionalization for Biocompounds. After the review of “Ten Years of Biocompounds”, Biocompounds are improving in management system, technology progress and business development. With the market expansions, our old website could not meet the needs of our customers. Under the suggestions of company management team and employees, as well as promoting user experiences and facilitation, our company upgraded website at the end of September. Now the beta version of website has launched. It is faster and more convenient. We are looking for comments and suggestions from the Biocompounds family members, new and old friends regarding our new website. Don’t forget to tell your friends that we keep the same URL: www.shreejeestones.com.

Products are categorized by indications and API.
Added the function of QQ, you can easily contact our representatives and get the information you need.
Added the accomplishment and employee activity sessions. Now you can see our exclusive photos!
Improved the introduction on the research and development ability. You can be more confident with us!
Added the news session to include everything important that recently happened such as company trend, exhibitions and cooperation

At last, we hope that everything goes well with your work!

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